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Jake and Nayns' Naansters


 Jake & Nayns Naansters


Information from the producer:

Calling all outdoor/camping enthusiasts! With spring and summer finally underway, it's time to spend less time stuck at home and more time exploring, whether it be in your campervan, Caravan, RV, or tent. Obviously it's important to pack lots of on-the-go snacks and lunches for these excursions, which is why we're introducing you to Jake & Nayns' Naansters. 

It’s happened to all of us; we have a hectic day planned and the only opportunity available for lunch is a quick dash into a convenience store for a sandwich and a bag of crisps, or munch on sad-looking leftovers in the fridge, which leave us feeling cheated and unsatisfied.

Delicious on-the-go snack Jake & Nayns’ Naanster is the answer to all your culinary concerns. Naansters is an award winning, hand-held, light and fluffy naan bread range filled with delicious, authentic curries.

They are designed to be eaten with just one hand and don’t fall apart when being eaten. They boast a no ‘red traffic light’ nutritional policy, meaning each 185g serving falls within the recommended daily intake of fat, saturates, sugar and salt.

These delicious snacks come in four mouth-watering flavours:

- Chicken Tikka - a light fluffy naan bread filled with succulent 100% British chicken in a tikka sauce, pilau rice and mango chutney

- Beef Madras – a light fluffy naan bread filled with beef in madras sauce, pilau rice and mango chutney

- Balti Chicken – a light fluffy naan bread filled with succulent chicken in a balti sauce, pilau rice and mango chutney

- Chickpea Curry  - a light fluffy naan bread filled with delicious chickpeas and cauliflower in a tikka sauce, pilau rice and mango chutney

Inspired by a passion for authentic flavours and great tastes, brothers Jake and Nayn, both serious foodies, wanted to share their love of food with the world and noticed a distinct lack of interesting, tasty and good for you on-the-go street food options. So with this in mind, they created delicious recipes for you to eat at home or on-the-go that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

All of the products can be enjoyed hot or cold, and need just 90 seconds in a microwave to provide a warming and hearty meal. The chicken used in Naansters is 100% British Chicken breast and each Naanster is made to perfection by hand.

Naansters was awarded gold in The Innovation Challenge at the 2017 Lunch! Awards, and were a finalist at the BIA (Baking Industry Awards) for Bakery Innovation of the Year.

Our review:

Although rather outside our usual remit for reviews, when we were offered samples of Jake & Nayns’ Naansters we thought 'Why not?' After all, campervanners need to eat too! (and we like free stuff!)

First impressions were good, attractively designed packaging, a plastic film sleeve with a card insert for support. The card will be recyclable but sadly not the sleeve - probably something to be addressed these days.

As these are a fresh product the 'Use by' date is quite short, the samples were sent to us on the 18th and the 'Use by' date was the 26th, they are also not suitable for freezing so not something you can put away to keep in reserve for weeks, 'just in case'. They must be kept in the fridge so probably not for backpackers unless bought on the way for consumption the same day. These are obviously aimed at the on-the-go snack market, as an alternative to the usual convenience store, or garage forecourt, fare.

They can be eaten hot or cold, however the heating instructions stipulate the use of a microwave - no problem if you have one but not something that every motorhome or campervan comes equipped with.

We tried them cold and heated, and experimented with wrapping them in foil and heating in an oven pre-heated to 180C for 30 minutes. They were certainly nicer heated up, the oven method worked, but better microwaved.

All varieties were quite tasty, not too spicy, can indeed be eaten one-handed without falling apart, and are definitely filling! We liked all of the flavours, however the naan didn't seem to be 'light and fluffy' as claimed but was quite stodgy - more of a thick wrap than the type of naans you get with an Indian takeaway. We wouldn't have minded the spicing being notched up a bit as well.

The verdict:

For an on-the-go quick meal or snack these are a very reasonably priced and satisfying alternative to the usual pre-packed sandwich or pasty.

Jake and Nayns’ Naansters range is available in Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Spar, Londis and forecourts across the country. RRP £2.00

2019 review by Andy Clarke 

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