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Hi-Tec Otter Trail WP Walking Boots

Hi Tec Otter TrailAs motorhome and campervan users are often keen walkers, we thought we would put up this review of our recent acquisition, a pair of Hi-Tec Otter Trail WP walking boots.

Available from Go OutdoorsExt Link at just £54 (for Discount Card holders) these are described as waterproof mid boots, being lightweight trail walking boots aimed at the lower end of the market.

Having said that these do seem a very capable boot for low level casual walking. I've used them for 4 or 5 short walks of 3-4 miles each and one of 10 miles, and find them very comfortable. This is helped by their lightness, the pair only weigh around 1.1kg.

I found the ankle support good although some people may find the sides a little on the stiff side, general foot support is good. The sole is made of MDT Carbon rubber that features a steel shank for stability and a CMVEA midsole for cushioning which aims to create a comfortable walk over varying terrain.

The effectiveness of the waterproofing has yet to be put to a serious test, although my last walk encompassed some quite boggy parts of the New Forest and my feet remained perfectly dry.

I'll put in some more miles and update this report, but initial impressions are good and I would be happy to recommend these boots for the occasional recreational walker. If you are a serious 'hard core' walker tackling rough terrain you'll need something a bit more up market than these.

Hi-Tec Otter Trail WPExt Link boots are available for Home Delivery or Reserve and Collect from Go OutdoorsExt Link

[These boots are now discontinued]

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