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Calor Lite Cylinder Update

Calor LiteFollowing the recent announcement that the current 6kg Calor Lite (the ‘6kg Lite’) cylinder is to be phased out and replaced with an improved version, Calor would like to address the concerns raised by members of the caravanning and motorhome community and to reassure its customers that it continues to invest heavily in the market, with research already underway for its next generation leisure cylinder.

The company can now also confirm that all existing 6kg Calor Lite customers* will be able to swap to this new cylinder, when it is launched, completely free of charge.

Calor’s Cylinder Asset Manager, Alistair Todd, explains the company’s ongoing activities to ensure the long-term availability of cylinder stock:

“Back in May, we announced plans to change our 6kg Lite cylinder, as we have concerns about the longevity of the current model, with a higher number than expected failing our routine quality inspections. As a result, it is impractical to invest in any further stocks of a product we intend to change, so we have increased the volumes of standard 6kg cylinders available to the market and put in place a customer exchange programme.

“We appreciate that this has caused some uncertainty and inconvenience and we apologise for this, but we are confident that our customers will still be able to obtain a suitable alternative and that, in the long term, we will be able to offer an improved cylinder solution.

“To achieve this, we have kicked off three key activities. The first is an ongoing research and development programme to deliver the product our customers really want. Our aim is to bring a more robust cylinder to market and as part of this activity, we are seeking the input of the camping and caravanning community to ensure the new product meets our customers’ needs.

“We are already working with a number of stakeholders, including the Caravan and Motorhome Club, The Camping and Caravanning Club and caravan manufacturers, but we would very much welcome input directly from end users. We have therefore created a dedicated email address, caravaninsight@calor.co.uk, where users can register their interest to be involved in the research.

“The second area of focus is to increase this year’s investment in our existing stocks of standard 6kg models to £1 million, our largest investment in this cylinder in recent years. This is to ensure maximum availability throughout the UK while we work on the development and phase-in of the replacement model for the 6kg Lite.

“The third area where we are investing additional time and resource is in updating our popular ‘Stockist Finder’ search facility on our website, to make it easier for customers to find outlets with 6kg cylinders on sale. This is an activity which will be completed in time for next year’s holiday season.

“Naturally, customers with an existing 6kg Lite cylinder will have questions about ongoing availability. We have provided further information here, but there is a full question and answer document available at www.calor.co.uk/calor-lite which provides more detailed information.”

The current situation for 6kg Calor Lite customers Calor remains committed to selling and supporting the 6kg Lite cylinders, of which there is still stock availability. All stockists have been advised that they should always exchange a 6kg Lite for another of the same wherever possible, however, customers will be able to exchange for a standard 6kg cylinder if no 6kg Lites are available at the time.

It will then be possible for these customers to switch back to a 6kg Lite if they are available at the time of the next exchange.

Calor would like to thank all of our customers for their patience during this transition period, while we develop our improved cylinder and to apologise for any concern or confusion that may have been caused.

“We have been supporting caravaners since 1935 and will continue to do so, investing very heavily over the years to ensure that our retailer network carries sufficient stock of all caravan cylinder sizes. Calor’s new caravan and motor home cylinder will be the next in a long line of products that we have developed just for this market.”

To register interest in participating in the research for the development of the new cylinder, please email caravaninsight@calor.co.uk

*Original 6 Lite Cylinder Refill Agreement (sometimes known as a 167) required or alternative receipt or proof of 6kg Lite purchase.

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