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All The Aires Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

All the Aires Benelux 3rd EditionNews from Vicarious Books - the 3rd Edition of All the Aires Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands has been published

Key Facts:

329 inspected Aires
428 LPG Autogas stations
The only complete Aires guide for Benelux in English
3 colour photos for every Aire
GPS coordinates taken on site
Suitability for big motorhomes (including RVs)
Closed Aires identified and alternatives provided
NEW! Double-sided foldout planning map included

They told us:

"During the late summer and autumn of 2015 we piloted our Pilote around Benelux and managed to inspect all but two of the Aires in this guide. The other two were winkled out by adventurous Aire-heads. The Aires network is growing across Benelux, with more than a 62% increase in Belgium and a 52% increase in the Netherlands since 2013. The number of stopovers in Luxembourg has increased by 20%.

"Belgium has banned overnight parking along the coast since the last edition, but motorhomes can find safe haven in marinas across Flanders and the Netherlands. The growth in the numbers of Aires across Benelux is due in part to these marina Aires, which often offer both waterside parking and campsite-level facilities. Nearly half of the 190 Aires listed in the Netherlands are classified as river/lakeside, marinas or coastal. These make up a smaller 20% in Belgium, but overall about a third of the Aires in this guide are waterside which should float any water lover’s boat.

"We have provided clear mapping on the inside covers as well as on our popular foldout locator map, which shows Aires locations on one side and LPG stations on the other. Aires with services are indicated with a red border, making it easier to differentiate the stopovers that meet your requirements. The LPG listings have quadrupled for Belgium and Holland, meaning even in the remotest areas you are never more than 50km from a fill up point. In Luxembourg that distance shrinks to 15km.

"As always, there is a section in the back of the guide listing the Aires that have closed since the 2nd edition with possible alternatives identified. A list of day parking areas and motorway service areas with service points are also provided. All of this additional information is also displayed on the mapping.

"In short, this guide is the complete package, giving you all the information you need to sail south in your land yacht and enjoy the beauty of Benelux."


The RRP is £14.50.

Order here: www.vicarious-shop.com/ATA-Benelux-ISBN9781910661063.html Ext Link

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