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The Motorhome Touring Handbook

The Motorhome Touring HandbookWant to know how to tour Europe in a motorhome or camper van? All the answers are here, in this new book written by the authors of the ourtour.co.ukExternal link travel blog.

Having enjoyed several years of both short campervan trips, and long term (multi-year, full-timing) motorhome touring in the UK, Europe and North Africa, Julie and Jason learned a lot. They made plenty of mistakes, and have tried over the years to use their blog to document practical tips, costs, tricks and advice for anyone wanting to do something similar.

As the blog has grown over the years though, they found it increasingly difficult to track down the nuggets of wisdom they'd picked up over time. It’s easy to see why so many folks get in touch with questions, they can’t find the information! So, Julie and Jason put all those nuggets and experiences in one place, in a new book: The Motorhome Touring Handbook.

Part One: Your First Motorhome
This part gets you up to speed on the all the confusing words used in the motorhome world. It gives guidance for choosing and buying your first van, takes you through the process of a first trip out in the UK and provides a ‘survival guide’ introduction to all the systems in a motorhome: fresh water, grey water, black water (the toilet), 12V electrical system, gas, water and air heating and so on. 

Part Two: Your First Time Abroad in a Motorhome
Heading out of the UK is a nerve-wracking experience for many motorhomers, us included. We remember what it was like (and still is like!) to be planning a trip abroad, and this part of the book takes you through the process of sorting your paperwork out, packing your van, booking and taking a ferry or the Eurotunnel, driving on the right, finding places to stay, buying food and fuel and eventually coming back home, triumphant and ready for your next tour!

Part Three: Your First Long-Term Tour
And finally, this is the big one. Should you fancy a months-long tour of continental Europe, this part’s for you. It covers the kinds of topics this level of touring throws up: selling or renting out your house, handling post, long-term living budgets, dealing with breakdowns abroad, crossing borders, travelling with a pet and so on. A brief overview’s provided for a number of European countries, along with some sample year-long tour routes to fire up your imagination.

Our Review
This really is an excellent guide and resource for anyone considering buying, and touring in, a motorhome. It's written from the authors' point of view, sharing the information on how things have worked out for them over several years of touring.

It is full of great advice for newbies but there is also a wealth of information on touring abroad, and long term touring, which is invaluable for those who have perhaps had a motorhome for a while but not yet taken it outside the UK or undertaken any long term tours.

The book is well laid out and you can just go to sections that interest you, but it's so readable that you could easily devour the whole thing in one go!

It is available from AmazonExternal link in paperback and Kindle versions.

Authors: Julie and Jason Buckley
Publisher: Our Tour
Pages: (paperback): 218
ISBN: 978-1718182578
Price: £13.50 (paperback) or £9.99 (Kindle)

Buy this book from Amazon in paperback or Kindle formatExternal link


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