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Motorhome Morocco

Motorhome Morocco Cover

In 2017 Julie and Jason Buckley spent three months in Morocco from January to March. This is the Second Edition of their book Motorhome Morocco - How to Travel Independently to Morocco in Your Motorhome or Campervan.

They first visited the country in 2012 where they travelled independently for a month. After struggling to find sufficient information in English about taking a motorhome to Morocco they decided to put pen to paper and document their experience in order to help other travellers. Thus the first edition of Motorhome Morocco was born.

This Second Edition is completely revised and updated.

Firstly it must be said that this is not intended to be a guide book to the whole of Morocco, there are plenty of such books available, however they do document the route they took through the country and describe many of the places they visited.

The major part of Motorhome Morocco contains an absolute wealth of information on travelling in Morocco by motorhome, the preparations you need to make beforehand, how to get there, practical tips on driving in the country, taking your pet, campsites, day-to-day life, shopping, annoyances, internet access, etc. Useful resources for obtaining further information are also listed.

Having been to Morocco four times in our own motorhome we are very familiar with travelling the country, in our opinion this book is without doubt the best guide to taking your motorhome to Morocco available today, it pulls together a wealth of essential and practical information in an excellent well written reference work.

An essential purchase for anyone considering visiting Morocco by motorhome.

The book is available direct from the authors' website as an A5 PDF download, paperback and Kindle versions are available from Amazon. 

We reviewed the PDF version which is in full colour and costs £6.

To download the guide visit the authors' website: http://ourtour.co.uk/home/motorhome-morocco-an-ourtour-guide/ ext link where you will also find links to buy the book from Amazon, and a preview of the first 22 pages. You can browse the other books Julie and Jason have written too!

Julie and Jason Buckley's travel blog www.ourtour.co.uk ext link is fairly well known within the UK motorhome fraternity, it documents their touring by motorhome over several years.

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