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Novacomet BP1803 LPG Regulator Recall

CLESSE INDUSTRIES, manufacturer of LP gas regulator brand Novacomet issues an immediate product recall on LPG regulator product family BP1803.

Used with propane and butane LPG cylinders, the recall involves all directly cylinder mounted, wall mounted single cylinder and two cylinder manual changeover versions manufactured between June 2010 and September 2015. Using the identification process, if your regulators are part of the recall, used for outdoor applications and fall within the specified dates, please register your details using one of the methods indicated below. If you are unsure how to identify your product, please contact our Recall Help Line. Following successful registration and identification, Clesse Industries will process and supply replacement BP1803 regulators free of charge, as well as contribute to the cost of the product exchange that falls within this recall.

Installed Gas Regulators

Holiday/Residential Park, LPG Engineers and private individuals, please identify any installed regulators using the pictures below and check whether the product is marked with “Novacomet BP1803” and lists a manufacturing date between June 2010 and September 2015.
Gas Installers, Residential or Holiday Park sites owners that may have many regulators fitted, please contact the Recall Help Line below. We will then assist in scheduling a replacement program.

Recall Help Line: 0800 088 5545

 Information on identification of the affected regulators, and how to get replacement is available in this information sheet provided by Clesse
Clesse Industries Press Release BP1803 19/01/2016
Following extensive field sampling and testing Clesse Industries have identified that in certain operational and environmental conditions the corrosion protection used on regulator range BP1803 may be compromised with a potential for the regulator to fail.
Although our BP1803 family range meets European and UK manufacturing standards regarding resistance against corrosion, having identified an issue that in certain installations and conditions of use there might lead to a regulator to fail, we have taken the decision to implement a recall on the concerned products. A product safety notice and has been issued and recall announced.
What action is Clesse taking?
As a responsible manufacturer a recall notice on regulator range BP1803 has been issued in UK and Ireland. This will be extending to Europe very shortly together with other countries.
What changes have been made to the new supplies of BP1803 regulator offered as replacement?
The corrosion protection on the part inside the regulator has been upgraded with additional corrosion protection measures after the date of September 2015. These are available to users and gas installers as replacement following the safety notice provided.
All new BP1803 regulators produced since September 2015 production has been modified to ensure service life is maintained in normal operating conditions.
Why has Clesse Industries made this decision?
Clesse Industries takes its responsibilities seriously to ensure that as a responsible manufacturer we continue to improve our products and have a proactive approach to customer safety.
What should distributors or installers do?
Issue the Recall Notification to your customers in order that our recall agents Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS can register their details and issue regulator replacements to installers or users.
If you are a distributor you can also forward a list detailing the purchaser whom we can contact on your behalf.
On Behalf of Clesse Industries SA France

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